Welcome to the 2018-19 Water polo season!!!

What is the volunteer program?

It is a program in which all club families are expected to volunteer in assisting with club operations and ongoing development.  We are a nonprofit organization requiring a wide variety of people to assist in all areas of the club.

Volunteer tracker form

Families (parents,  grandparents, athletes, siblings) earn points which are tracked via this form throughout the season:

Ottawa Titans ILWP/Swim and Play and Water Fun Volunteer Tracker 2018-2019 Season

Ottawa Titans Water Polo Club ACADEMY Volunteer Tracker for 2018-2019 Season

Ottawa Titans Water Polo Club Competitive GIRLS Volunteer Tracker for 2018-2019 Season

Ottawa Titans Water Polo Club U16 BOYS Volunteer Tracker for 2018-2019 Season 

Ottawa Titans Water Polo Club U19 BOYS Volunteer Tracker for 2018-2019 Season

**It  is the responsibility of parents to log onto the correct form and record volunteer activities completed**

Please, get in the habit of doing this promptly after you have volunteered.

How does it work?

When completing the registration for your child your family is assigned a certain number of volunteer points.  

The points are based on the level of the program in which you registered your child(s). For families with multiple athletes, the points are based on the highest level of programming  

You are also asked to send a volunteer commitment cheque (with your other registration money) which will only be cashed by the club if your family does not meet its volunteer commitment by the end of the season.

How does my family earn volunteer points?

Your family (athlete, parents, etc.) can earn points by volunteering to participate in any of the clubs committees, board of directors, minor official, league coordinator, team manager, website/social media assistance and communication roles to name just a few opportunities. Points per role are based on level of leadership and time commitment.   

How can I find out about club volunteer opportunities?

Throughout this coming season communication about volunteer opportunities will come via:

Registration site  Team managers Coaches  Board of Directors(BOD)  Volunteer newsletter Titans website  Team meetings Annual General Meeting

****If you have a special interest in an area or a skill that can assist the club please let us know****

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Terms of Reference